Full Schedule


January 15-19

West Palm Beach, Fl

South Florida Fair

Friday 1/15 – 2:00, 4:00, 7:30
Saturday 1/16 – 1:30, 4:30, 7:30
Sunday 1/17 – 1:30, 4:00, 7:00
Monday 1/18 – 1:00, 4:30, 8:00
Tuesday 1/19 – 2:00, 4:30, 7:30


January 22

Chippewa Falls, Wi

Heyde Center for the Arts



January 28

Fairview, Tx

Heritage Ranch Ballroom




February 4

Southlake, Tx

Gateway Church

700 Blessed Way



February 5

Fort Worth, Tx

Gateway Church

4209 Basswood Blvd

7:10 (Private)


February 13

Denton, Tx

Robson Ranch Ballroom



March 1

Frisco, Tx

Embassy Suites

8:00am (Private)


March 4

McKinney, Tx

Comstock Elementary School

School Program

1:30pm (Private)


March 8

Florham Park, NJ

The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey

Arts in Education

11:15am (Private)


March 9

Culver, Indiana

The Culver Academies

Eppley Auditorium



March 13

New York, NY

Engeman Theater

250 Main Street Northport, NY 11768

2:00pm and 7:00pm (Public)


March 16

Hurst, Tx

Arts Council Northeast

12:15pm (Public)


April 2


Keep Odessa Beautiful


11:30am (Public)


April 9

Parkland, Fl

Pine Trails Park Amphitheater

10561 Trails End Parkland, Fl 33076

Time: 7:00pm (Public)


April 10

Tyler, Tx

Tyler Arts and Crafts Fair

Bergfeld Park

Time: 2:00pm (Public)


April 11

Cedar Hill, Tx

Cedar Hill Earth Day

285 Uptown Blvd, Cedar Hill Tx 75104



April 14

Lake Jackson, Tx

Lake Jackson Intermediate School

100 Oyster Creek Drive

1:00pm (Private)


April 15

Lake Jackson, Tx

Rasco Middle School

92 Lake Road

9:30am (Private)


April 15

Lake Jackson, Tx

Lake Jackson Civic Center

333 Highway 332 East

7:00pm (Public)


April 16

Houston, Tx

Houston Earth Day

Sam Houston Park 1000 Bagby

11:30am (Public)


April 16

Sugar Land, Tx

Earth Day Celebration


2:15 and 4:00pm(Public)


April 21

Irving, Tx

Northlake College

12:15 pm (Public)


April 22

Plano, Tx

Saigling Elementary

Think Program

Time: 1:30pm (Private)


April 22

Forth Worth, Tx

David McDavid Theater

tickets: www.basshall.com/mcdavidStudio.jsp

Time: 7:30pm (Public)


April 24

Grand Prairie, Tx

Main Street Festival


12:30 pm (Public)


April 26

Dallas, Tx

DFW Airport Livewell Center

Children’s EarthDay Celebration

11:00am (Private)


April 28

Bedford, Tx

Old Bedford School


7:00 pm (Public)


April 29

Fort Scott, KS

Liberty Theater


8:30 pm


April 30

Houston, Tx

Periwinkle Gala

6:00 pm (Private)


May 5

Melbourne, Fl

King Center

3865 N. Wickham Road 32935



May 13

Friendswood, Tx

Stevenson Park

1100 S. Friendswood Drive

7:00pm (Public)


May 17

Timonium, MD

Pot Spring Elementary School

2410 Springlike Drive

2:15pm (Private)


May 18

Annapolis, MD

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

801 Chase Street 21401


10:15am and 12pm(Public)


May 19

Towson, MD

Goucher College–Kraushaar Auditorium

1021 Dulaney Valley Road


10:15am and 12pm(Public)


May 20

Granbury, Tx

Baccus Elementary

Think Program

Time: 9:30am (Private)


May 20

Richland Hills, Tx

Holiday Heights Elementary

Think Program

Time: 2:15pm(Private)


May 28-29

Moses Lake, Wa

Spring Fest

Time: TBD (Public)


May 31

Victoria, Tx

VISD Fine Arts Center

1002 Same Houston Drive

2:15 (Public)


June 3-12





June 22

Des Moines, Ia

65th National Square Dance Convention

Iowa Events Center-Grand Ballroom

6:45pm (Private)


June 24

Osage Beach, Mo

Lake of the Ozarks

Tan-Tar A Resort

7:00 pm (Public)


June 28

Arlington, Tx


The Parks Mall

11:00 am (Public)


June 30

Plano, Tx

Willowbend Mall


Time: 1:00pm(Public)


July 1


World’s Richest Acre Park

Time: 8:00pm(Public)


July 9


Concert and Fireworks Celebration

The Stage at Bicentennial Park
900 E Glendale Street, Crowley, Texas 76036

Time: 8:00pm(Public)


July 13-23





July 26

Leon, Ia

Great Bike Ride Across Iowa

100 NE Main Street

Time: 7:30pm (Public)


August 4-8

West Allis, Wi

Wisconsin State Fair

Time: TBD(Public)


August 11-21

Des Moines, Ia

Iowa State Fair


12 and 2 (Public)


August 23

Fulton, Mo

Westchester College

7:00pm (Public)


August 27

Abilene, Tx

The Grace Museum

102 Cypress Street



September 3

Huron, SD

South Dakota State Fair


Time: 4:00 and 7:30(Public)


September 9

Emporia, Ks

Emporia Arts Center

815 Commercial Street

7:30pm (Public)


September 22

Fort Worth, Tx

Sundance Plaza

North Texas Giving Day

6:15pm (Public)


October 7

Jacksonville, Fl

Opening Session

Time: TBD(Private)


October 22

McKinney, Tx

Bonnie Wenk Park

2996 Virginia Parkway, McKinney TX 75070k

Mckinney Make a Difference Day




October 24

Rhome, Tx

Prairie View Elementary

Think Edutainment Program



October 24

Roanoke, Tx

J.Lyndal Hughes Elementary

Think Edutainment Program



October 26

Houston, Tx

Opening Session



October 30

Southlake, Tx

The Marq Southlake–Aria Amphitheater

In Bicentennial Park
285 Shady Oaks Drive Southlake, TX 76092


2:00-4:00pm (Public)


November 9

Las Vegas, NV

The Tropicana

7:30pm (Private)


November 15

Frisco, Tx

Nichols Elementary

2:00pm (Private)


November 16

Killeen, Tx


10:00am (Private)


November 17

Cypress, Tx

Sampson Elementary

8:00am (Private)


December 10

Cedar Rapids, Ia

Christmas Party

Double Tree

8:00 pm(Private)


December 13-14

Alpine and Presidio, Tx

Think Program

11:30 and 2:00pm (Private)



January 5-6

Livingston, NJ

Collins Elementary

67 Martin Road

8:30am (Private)


January 6-8

New York, NY

Global Performance Arts Conference




January 9

Chester Township, NJ

Dickerson Elementary

250 State Road 24

8:30am (Private)


January 13

Mckinney, Tx

Sonntag Elementary

Think Program

8:30am (Private)


January 14

Denton, Tx

Robson Ranch

7:30pm (Private)


February 2-3

Coconut Creek, Fl

Venue: TBD

Time: TBD


February 4

Boyton Beach, Fl

Venue: TBD

Time: TBD


February 8

Woodstock, VT

Woodstock Elementary

9 and 10:30am (Private)


February 9

Gladstone, NJ

Gill St. Bernard’s School

8:30am (Private)


February 9

Brookside, NJ

Mendham Township Elementary

1:00pm (Private)


February 10

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Woodside Avenue Elementary

10:00am (Private)


February 10

Oakland, NJ

Dogwood Hill School

1:00pm (Private)


February 16

Paducah, Kentucky

Venue: TBD

Time: TBD


March 3

Mckinney, Tx

Comstock Elementary

8:30am (Private)


March 7

San Antonio, Tx

San Antonio International Airport

7:00pm (Private)


April 1

Sugarland, Tx

Keep Sugarland Beautiful

12:00 pm (Public)


April 21

Deerfield Beach, Fl

Private Event

11:30am (Private)


April 27

Carrollton, Tx

Semetrey Elementary

8:30am (Private)


April 28

Burelson, Tx

Elementary School

8:30am (Private)


April 29

Burelson, Tx

Keep Burelson Beautiful

2:00-4:00pm (Public)


May 5

Auburn, Wa

Venue: TBD

Time: TBD


May 10

Frisco, Tx

Bowls Elementary



May 11

Plano, Tx

Plano Elementary



August 22-27

Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County Fair

Times: TBD