Full Schedule


January 6

Livingston, NJ

Collins Elementary

67 Martin Road

8:30, 9:30am (Private)


January 6-8

New York, NY

Global Performance Arts Conference




January 9

Chester Township, NJ

Dickerson Elementary

9:00, 10:00am (Private)


January 9

Basking Ridge, NJ

Cedar Hill School

1:00, 2:00pm (Private)


January 10

Mendham, NJ

Hilltop Elementary

9:00, 10:00am (Private)


January 11

Chatham, NJ

Southern Elementary

10:30, 12:30am (Private)


January 13

Mckinney, Tx

Sonntag Elementary

Think Program

8:00am (Private)


January 14

Denton, Tx

Robson Ranch

7:30pm (Private)


February 1

Columbia, SC

Columbia Metropolitan Convention

9:15 am (Private)


February 2-3

Coconut Creek, Fl

The Township Theater


8:00pm (Public)


February 4

Boyton Beach, Fl

Valencia Point

8:00pm (Private)


February 8

Woodstock, VT

Woodstock Elementary

9 and 10:30am (Private)


February 9

Gladstone, NJ

Gill St. Bernard’s School

8:30am (Private)


February 9

Brookside, NJ

Mendham Township Elementary

1:00pm (Private)


February 10

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Woodside Avenue Elementary

10:00am (Private)


February 10

Oakland, NJ

Dogwood Hill School

1:45pm (Private)


February 16

Paducah, Kentucky

The Carson Center

100 Kentucky Ave


6:30pm (Public)


March 3

Mckinney, Tx

Comstock Elementary

1:30pm (Private)


March 8

Baltimore, MD

Cromwell Valley Elementary

9:45 am(Private)


March 8

Freeland, MD

Prettyboy Elementary



March 9

Baltimore, MD

Riverwood Elementary

9:00am (Private)


March 10

New Jersey

Evening Show(TBD)

TBD (Private)


April 1

Sugarland, Tx

Keep Sugarland Beautiful

12:00 pm (Public)


April 8

Odessa, Tx

Keep Odessa Beautiful

11:30 am(Public)


April 10

Frisco, Tx

Boals Elementary

12:30 pm (Private)


April 11

Jacksonville, Fl

Private Event

11:30am (Private)


April 21

Deerfield Beach, Fl

Private Event

11:30am (Private)


April 22

Coppell, Tx

EcoCoppell EarthFest

10:00am (Public)


April 27

Carrollton, Tx

Semetrey Elementary

8:30am (Private)


April 28

Burelson, Tx

Elementary School

8:30am (Private)


April 29

Burelson, Tx

Keep Burelson Beautiful

2:00-4:00pm (Public)


May 5

Auburn, Wa

Venue: TBD

Time: TBD


May 11

Plano, Tx

Plano Elementary



May 16

Dallas, Tx

School Performance



August 22-27

Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County Fair

Times: TBD


October 11-14

Baltimore, MD

School Performances

Times: TBD