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Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is Caring!

It’s such a thrill for us to share our love of music and performing; it’s even more thrilling that we’re doing it to get a message out that can truly change the way we all live, play and work. From toddlers to seniors, from school groups to festivals and corporations, we love to see all kinds of people SPARK to what we say and how we say it. We could really feel the love and the energy last Saturday when we hit the big stage for AdvoCare Success School 2013.

Vocal Trash Hits the Big Stage

It was a rush to perform in front of 20,000 peeps and see ourselves bigger than life on the screens ringing the Ft. Worth Convention Center. We were in fantastic company, on the bill with speakers George Bush and Jason Witten. Crazy that this gig was right across the street from my house – what a great (green) commute! After heating up the stage for an hour, we were just as fired up to get up close and personal with fans that spilled out into the lobby to check out our instruments and talk trash with us. 😉

We’ve loved watching the Facebook posts roll in saying we brought energy and inspiration to the conference – what a great crowd! I got so much back, though, working that stage in front of so many people. What if every one of them, even just once each day, now stops and THINKS before they throw something away? Each person. Even just once a day. That could add up to 20,000 x 365 = 7,300,000 “things” saved from the trash and upcycled, reused or recycled. That’s an amazing amount of stuff!!

YOU can make this number even bigger! Share our music, share us on Facebook, book us for your group of any size, and help spread the word. Every person who hears our message adds up to less waste and less stuff in landfills.

Let’s all THINK…before we throw it away!

What did you upcycle today?



Vocal Trash Members Vocal Trash is a troupe of environmental entertainers who have been engaging audiences with their unique and exciting brand of entertainment for a decade from New York to Seattle. Whether in Madison Square Garden or the Venetian Hotel and Casino, Vocal Trash is environmentally conscious using upcycled materials on stage. The group asks that you “THINK… before you throw it away!”