Fun, Alternative Workouts with Vocal Trash (Video)

Reuse Trash to Get Fit!

Maybe your resolution this year was to recycle more and improve your efforts at conservation. That’s an admirable goal to have and it’s one that we here at Vocal Trash take to heart. Yet, you can totally combine your goal of reducing pollution and landfill waste with another common aspiration: to lose weight! How, might you ask? We’ll show you!

Weight Loss With Old Trash 101

In this edition of the Vocal Trash Street Show, Kelsey Rae, Steve Linder and Larry Parish  demonstrate how common household items can be turned into workout equipment!

Workout with kitty litter container
Don’t let this 16 pound plastic tub of kitty litter sit in a landfill for 100 YEARS!

Fill it up with water or sand after the litter is gone and use it as a weight to do arm curls and for lunges or squats when you hold one in each hand.


Workout with Tide Laundry Containers
Laundry containers work great for DIY weight-lifting too!

Use them with the liquid still inside as you do your laundry or when it's empty fill it with water or sand.



Use a wash tub for a stair stepper

Flip over a metal wash bin and use it for step-ups!

Combine  this move with your litter or laundry containers to increase your efforts with muscle building and cardio.

Make sure the tub is on a non slip surface and you step securely on to the tub.

Old Guitar Cables as Jump Ropes
An old guitar cable may have frayed wires and no longer function, but it makes the perfect jump rope! 

Use your imagination but make sure to keep safety in mind as well.


Reusable Water Bottle for HydrationSteve also reminds you not to forget your reusable water bottle to hydrate yourself while working out!

Making sure you are replenishing your body as you sweat is essential for maximum muscle building.  If you are dehydrated your cells won't have the proper material to rebuild what you tear down which is muscle fiber.  Refilling your bottle is better than adding more plastic into landfills and does a body good.

What’s Wrong With Just Recycling?

You may say, “Well, I’m doing the right thing. I’m not throwing my kitty litter containers and laundry detergent bottles into the trash; I’m recycling them!”

While recycling is always better than throwing away in the trash, keep in mind that it does require a lot of energy to recycle old materials into new ones. This burns fossil fuels and maintains our dependency on foreign oil. Boo, hiss!

Besides, you also have to consider the big, old trucks coming to pick up your recycled goods and how much energy that uses too. Let's use your creativity to reuse and decrease your dependency on fossil fuels.

Why Upcycle?

There is something poetic about turning your trash into treasure. By reusing and upcycling, you don’t require any additional energy expenditure – except for your own, while you exercise with these reusable goods, of course!  Wink, wink!

Thanks for taking this time to think about environmental issues and getting yourself fit at the same time.

As always, “THINK…before you throw it away!”

Vocal Trash Members Vocal Trash is a troupe of environmental entertainers who have been engaging audiences with their unique and exciting brand of entertainment for a decade from New York to Seattle. Whether in Madison Square Garden or the Venetian Hotel and Casino,  Vocal Trash is environmentally conscious using upcycled materials on stage. The group asks that you "THINK… before you throw it away!"

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